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Welcome to Will Writing East Kent

Why making a will is one of the most important things you can do

Are you one of the 60% of UK adults who does not have a will?

Writing your will is probably something you have thought about doing many times but just never got around to. Or you may already have a will but it does not reflect your current circumstances.

Did you know that in the absence of a legally binding will, it is the law, not you, that decides who gets your money and possessions.

Without such a will, it is Social Services who decide who will look after your children if you die.

You may be leaving your loved ones with a financial and legal headache.

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Don’t leave a problem for your loved ones

Will Writing East Kent, locally-based in Walmer, Deal, specialises in providing expert will writing and estate planning services, which can help you avoid the many pitfalls of estate planning. We can talk to you about wills, trusts, Lasting Power of Attorneys, probate and many other areas of estate planning. Appointments are held in the comfort of your own home with a view to building professional relationships with our clients.

Services We Offer

Make a will

Will Writing

Your will tells everyone what should happen to your possessions after you die (all these things together are called your ‘estate)…


Power of Attorney

These documents are just as important as having a professionally written will…



Will Writing East Kent offers a variety of trusts that can be incorporated into your will to ensure that your assets continue to be protected after your death…



Probate is the legal process whereby a named executor disperses the estate of someone who has died…